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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
19829526148511299008498*Sarah GunnCoburg 12018/2019Shield Twenty205 1Mt Martha
2911148564148511300508391Amit RegeCoburg2018/2019Barrie Clissold Shield3 1Moonee Valley
388703166148511287253088Surya SriramCoburg2018/2019North/West 3rd XI2 1St. Bernard's OC
4771553870148511300507277lakshya tyagiCoburg2018/2019Barrie Clissold Shield1 1Caroline Springs
57427489148511287182974Mitchell ShellieCoburg2018/2019North/East 1st XI2 1St. Bernard's OC
674344911148511299007074*Tracey GleesonCoburg 12018/2019Shield Twenty202 1Geelong 1
772301793148511287233472*Darren ScottCoburg2018/2019North/East 2nd XI1 1Plenty Valley
869301791148511287234069Nathan HartCoburg2018/2019North/East 2nd XI2 1St. Bernard's OC
9621562313148511299007062*Abbey KellyCoburg 12018/2019Shield Twenty202 1Geelong 1
10591799384148511287184759William RiggCoburg2018/2019North/East 1st XI4 1Bayswater
115842105148511300789258*Nicole MorganCoburg 22018/2019North West B Twenty202 1St Anthonys
1256231922148511287184756Liam RichardsonCoburg2018/2019North/East 1st XI4 1Bayswater
1354106607148511287234654Cameron D'CruzCoburg2018/2019North/East 2nd XI3 1Balwyn
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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