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Batting Partnerships

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1135 peter athanassopoulos - Malachi Conway Coburg Cricket ClubUnder 12 (4) Friday6 1 Greenvale Kangaroos(2)
2143 Rebecca Hickmott - Shania Mckinnon Coburg Cricket ClubWomen's Premier Seconds One Day5 1 Napoleons/Sebastopol
375 Rohan Gandhi - Nathan Hart Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/West 3rd XI7 1 Plenty Valley
4102 Josh Rule - Jedidiah Kanagasabapathy Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/South 2nd XI8 1 St. Bernard's OC
586 Shahzeb Khan - Shubham Kapadia Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/West 4th XI6 1 Williamstown
697 Shane Lee - Jarryd Crisp Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/South 2nd XI2 1 Caulfield
756 Musa Hussain - Matthew Crabb Coburg Cricket ClubJC Craig Under 15 North Group6 1 Brunswick
856 Darren Scott - Liam Richardson Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/South 1st XI2 1 Caulfield
946 Kate Ryan - Maria Nativo Coburg Cricket ClubShield15 1 Frankston
1026 Michael Kelliher - Monte Ivancevic Coburg Cricket ClubNorth/South 1st XI6 1 Elsternwick

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