Coburg Cricket Club: Code of Behaiour


Coburg Cricket Club has existed since 1856 and the club plays at Coburg City Oval, Campbell Reserve and Parker Reserve.
Today’s players, like those who have gone before them, play to enjoy the friendship created by the game
and bring success to their team and the club. This charter sets down the behaviour that is expected of all
players and officials who represent our club.

Being Part of the Club

  • Show respect for all club members, guests, policies and facilities.
  • Attend social functions and introduce potential new members.
  • Incorporate family, partners and friends into club social activities.
  • Adjourn to clubrooms after trainings for refreshments and meals when provided.
  • Return to clubrooms after games for post-match reports.
  • Pay club subscriptions and match day fees in a timely manner.
  • Train with the intent and purpose that is required on match day.
  • Assist in the preparation and packing up of practice nets and equipment.
  • Be dressed in CCC training attire.
  • Complete warm-up routines before beginning net sessions.
  • Notify the Coach or your captain in advance if you are unable to attend training.
Match Day
  • Enjoy the contest.
  • Be at the match day ground in a fit state, 1 hour before play to prepare with the team, or as directed by the team captain.
  • Notify your team captain in advance if you are unable to attend full match day preparation.
  • Assist with scoring, umpiring and ground preparation as required.
  • Play dressed in the correct CCC playing outfit.
  • Take the field in club or neutral jumpers, club caps and sun hats.
  • Be respectful, attentive and follow your captain’s instructions and directions.
  • Treat all opposition players and umpires with respect.
  • Support and encourage team-mates.
  • Notify either the Coach or your team captain of your availability via email or phone call before the end of training on the Tuesday before each round selection is due to occur, at a minimum