Alcohol Management and Smoke Free Policy


The Coburg Cricket Club has a smoke free policy and there are areas outside where people can smoke

This policy aims to promote the responsible use of alcohol at Coburg Cricket Club. The Club accepts the responsibilities and respects the community expectations that come with a Liquor Licence and is committed to operating according to the relevant liquor licensing legislation.
To ensure that the Liquor Licensing rules and regulations are upheld, this policy will apply when alcohol is served at the club.
Licence Details

Licence Number 31426990
Operating hours are: - Monday to Saturday Between 6 pm and 11 pm. Sunday Between 6 pm and 10 pm.
Restricted to the months October to March.
A copy of the licence will be displayed at the bar.
Specified Area

Alcohol can only be consumed within the club red line area, as specified in the social rooms. 
People who take their drinks outside this area risk us losing our liquor licence, so committee members / responsible bar staff will enforce the red line area rigorously.
A map showing the red line area will be displayed at the bar.
Approvals / Consent

Section 120 permits persons under the age of 18 to enter the restricted red line area while not under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
Bar staff will be RSA trained or under the direct supervision of a person who has completed an RSA qualification.
Bar staff will not consume alcohol when on duty.
The club will discourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol.
Information about the liquor licence, standard drink measures and legal signage will be displayed at the bar.
A list of RSA trained members will be displayed at the bar.
An incident register will be kept behind the bar.
Intoxicated Patrons

Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated or drunk.
Bar staff will follow RSA training procedures when refusing service.
Drunk and disorderly patrons will be asked to leave the premises and will be assisted as per the club safe transport policy.
Underage Drinking

Alcohol will not be served to persons aged under 18 years of age.
Bar staff will ask for proof of age whenever necessary or whenever in doubt.
Only photo ID s will be accepted.
Alcohol Alternatives

The Club will ensure that patrons have a choice from a range of low alcohol and alcohol free products from the bar.
Tap water will be provided free of charge.
Packaged food will be available from the bar.
The club will avoid prizes that have an emphasis on alcohol.
Safe Transport

The club has implemented a Safe Transport Policy which can be found on our website and a copy will be kept at the bar.
Policy Compliance

The presence of general committee members is essential to ensure the operation of the bar and policy compliance. An RSA trained committee member is required to be “on duty” at all club functions when the bar is open.
Key responsibilities of the “on duty” committee member are to: - 
  • Meet visiting police or Liquor Licensing inspectors, cooperate and assist with any inquiries. 
  • Ensure the admission of members and guests and completion of the visitor s book.
  •  Ensure strict compliance with the club policy in accordance with the key provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act. 
  • Supervise and support bar staff. 
  • Record any incidents in the register.
Non Compliance

All club committee members will enforce the alcohol management policy and any non-compliance, particularly in regard to Licensing Laws will be handled according to the following process: - 
  • In the first instance, explanation of the club policy to the person(s) concerned, including identification of the section of policy breached. 
  • Continued non-compliance with the policy will be handled by at least two committee members who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include asking the person(s) to leave the club facilities or function.
Policy Promotion

The Executive Committee will promote the Alcohol Management Policy regularly by: - 
  • Publishing a copy of the policy on the club website. 
  • Displaying the policy in the club rooms. 
  • Summarising the policy to patrons at social events and functions. 
  • Encouraging members to complete Responsible Service of Alcohol courses. 
  • Maintaining Level 3 Accreditation of the Australian Drug Foundation Good Sports Program.
Policy Review

The Alcohol Management Policy will be reviewed by the Executive Committee annually.