Parents Code of Conduct



Coburg Cricket Club

Parents Code of Behaviour


I understand the following


  1. That children play sport for their enjoyment, and not mine.


  2. That I am there to encourage at all times.


  3. That I am not to give my child instructions unless asked to during games and training sessions.


  4. That I must focus on efforts and performance rather that the result of the match.


  5. That I must encourage my child to participate according to the rules and do so myself.


  6. That I must never ridicule my or any other child at any time.


  7. That I must demonstrate and model good sportsmanship at all times as an example for the children and as a representative of my club.


  8. That I must respect the decisions of all officials associated with the game, including coaches, club representatives and umpires.


  9. That I have a responsibility to attend required training nights and be punctual to all matches and other club activities.


  10. That if I have any concerns or grievances, they are raised with respect, and through appropriate channels within the club.


  11. That I understand I will be rostered for, and expected to participate in, game day tasks for my child(ren)s match and that if I am unable to attend I am responsible for arranging a replacement.